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How to use this Handbook

This Handbook is designed to provide a wide-ranging and comprehensive, though not exhaustive, coverage of statistical concepts and methods. Unlike a Wiki the Handbook has a more linear flow structure, and in principle can be read from start to finish. In practice many of the topics, particularly some of those described in later parts of the document, will be of interest only to specific users at particular times, but are provided for completeness. Users are recommended to read the initial four topics — Introduction, Statistical Concepts, Statistical Data and Descriptive Statistics, and then select subsequent sections as required.

Navigating around the PDF, ePUB or web versions of this Handbook is straightforward, but to assist this process a number of special facilities have been built into the design to make the process even easier. These facilities include:

Tests Index — this is a form of 'how to' index, i.e. it does not assume that the reader knows the name of the test they may need to use, but can navigate to the correct item by the index description

Reference links and bibliography — within the text all books and articles referenced are linked to the full reference at the end of the topic section (in the References subsection) in the format [XXXn] and in the complete bibliography at the end of the Handbook

Hyperlinks — within the document there are two types of hyperlink: (i) internal hyperlinks — when clicking on these links you will be directed to the linked topic within this Handbook; (ii) external hyperlinks — these provide access to external resources for which you need an active internet connection. When the external links are clicked the appropriate topic is opened on an external website such as Wikipedia

Search facilities — the web, ePUB and PDF versions of this Handbook facilitate free text search, so as long as you know roughly what you are looking for, you should be able to find it using this facility